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DU Armor Solutions Logo

DU Armor Solutions

DU Armor Solutions, formerly known as MITgel has taken the best material technology and produced a body armor vest that statistically outperforms everything on the market.

The DU Armor Solutions team has decades of experience in materials science and the development and engineering of manufacturing processes.

The DU Armor Solutions Mark V Vest has already been tested in an academic
laboratory and endorsed by reputable figures in the body armor industry.

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Global Intelligence Source

Global Intel Source

Global Intel Source has its vast global contacts and relationships have the capability and opportunity to develop a world-class organization to assist the international community in defending against common threats.
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Defence Unlimited International Logo

Defence Unlimited International (UK)

Defence Unlimited International offers Security & Defence Solutions. The company provides security contractors and/or security services. We also provide services to train or supplement official armed forces in service of friendly governments.

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