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Human Intelligence (HUMINT) is an integral part of any Ministry of Defence (MOD) and is the main provider of strategic defence intelligence to the department and the armed forces. This includes timely intelligence products, assessments and advice to guide decisions on policy, to inform defence research and equipment programmes and to support military operations.

HUMINT is also an essential element of any governments central intelligence machinery (this includes the Government departments of Intelligence, Special Operations, Counter & Anti-Terrorism departments, National security, even local law enforcement agencies.


HUMINT can trace its ancestry back to 1946, when the Joint Intelligence Bureau (JIB) was established under the direction of General Kenneth Strong, General Eisenhower’s wartime Chief of Intelligence. Following the creation of a unified MOD in 1964, the JIB was amalgamated with the three single- Service intelligence organisations to form the present organisation.

In the past the HUMINT was preoccupied with Cold War topics. Today its focus has shifted towards providing intelligence support to operations overseas, countering the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and supporting the global war on terrorism.

It is from this pedigree that Defence Unlimited International draws down its hugely valued and highly skilled operational and training staff. This background allows us to reflect on past actions, operations and situations withier they were successful or not. This means we can remedy any challenge with a justified and comprehensive solution.   

Our Services

Defence Unlimited International, offers our clients a wide range of mission support services ranging from Basic Asset Protection such as (Embassy’s or Important Venues that offer a HVT) to Advanced Special Operations support such as Asset recovery, HUMINT, Close Target Reconnaissance and High Risk hostile Arrests. Defence Unlimited International is able to react with haste to any corner of the globe so long as the mission is “sanctioned”.

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