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Mr Timothy Patrick Moore is the founder of MIT and inventor of MITgel products. A technology broker who has both the skill to develop products from various materials and the leadership to build a team towards the manufacture, promotion and utilization of safety products using gel technology.

He spearheaded the development and production of high grade polymers in body armor for protection against blunt force trauma and has presented this in various forums and top ranking US government officials such as: Admiral Eric Olson (US Navy), Gen. Skip Vincent (US Air force), Gen. Oscar Hilman (US Army), Gen. Antonio Taguba (US Army), Col. Mathew Rau (USMC), Senator Patty Murray, Senator Marie Cantwell, Congressman Adam Smith (1st Chair Safety Committee), Congressman Dave Reickert (1st Chair LEOs), Congressman Denny Heck, Test Demo Shoot for State of Wisconsin (Sheriff Agencies), Test Demo for Department of Homeland Security.


Moore Innovative Technologies,  Tacoma Wa. – President – 

  • With 15 year hands- on- study related to gels that started with kneepads and elbow pads that expanded to body armor (helmets and bullet proof vests). These safety products he invented are undergoing a US patent process as well as 24 months of field trials

A 20 year experience in managing small business related to construction, military contracting and product development. His specialized trainings included more than 5 years attendance in the annual small business incubator conferences, federal contracting for the US Department of Defense and management skills for State and Federal contracting. He and the company (Moore Innovative Technologies) was featured twice in the Tacoma, Washington Business Examiner.


His formal education includes two years in Advanced Physics and Sciences from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. He graduated with honors (3.98 GPA) from Woodrow Wilson High School. 


Moore Innovative Technologies recently was asked to participate at the Washington State University”s Shock Physics team headed by Dr. Yogi Gupta, where they will complete a white paper to apply the test results of MIT’s single digit protection in body armor both in soft and hard armor applications. This will be recorded at the Department of Defense in Washington D.C.


As MIT’s President, he provides the overall direction in the day to day operation of the business and more importantly leading the MIT team in pursuing its vision of saving and improving lives

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