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After few years in Banking in the UK ending in 2006, Tim has been in private business ever since. Now a twelve-year veteran of the security and defense industries, having managed security operations globally, and extensively across Africa and the Middle East for over ten years. Tim founded, and is the managing director of Vanguard Global Ltd., incorporated in the UK  in 2017 and now a subsidiary of Defence Unlimited International Corp.

With his finger firmly on the pulse, Tim has a keen eye for identifying and creating business opportunities. By leveraging the power of his extensive and meticulously cultivated network, coupled with his intimate knowledge of the international market, Tim has penetrated and successfully navigates a number of key industries and markets.

A critical thinker, adept strategist with tenacious determination, Tim’s forte is developing and executing market entry and expansion strategies. 

As a dual national (British/Egyptian), a man of both worlds, Tim is an ardent advocate of international trade and cooperation, recognizing its value not only as a harbinger of development, empowerment, and prosperity but also as a vehicle for building bridges that transcend borders and cultural divides.

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