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Pervaiz Nasir presently serves as Founder and Managing Director of a Dubai-based management consultancy called CORE, based in Dubai Media City – UAE. The company has been in operation since 1991 in the UAE providing advisory services on complex corporate issues including Strategy, Restructuring and Corporate Turnarounds, Business Resilience, Defence Offset and Homeland Security to companies ranging from 50 employees to over 3,000.

He is a recognized expert in the area of Business Strategy, Corporate Turnaround, Defense Offset, Military systems, Project Development, Business Resilience. He brings to the table experience in a variety of industries and cultures and the ability to combine ideas, systems and processes from them and tailor it for the issue at hand. 

His ability to rapidly assess crisis situations and formulate alternative solutions and lead a team to implement the solution, makes him the go to person when all other strategies have failed. 

Pervaiz has advised many leading Global and Regional companies on Business Operations, Strategy, Defense equipment sales strategy, Defence Offset, Homeland Security, Manufacturing, Trading, Real Estate, Financial Structures, Telco and E-Commerce industries. 

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