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Klaus Munch Kjøller has been in management positions in international companies dealing with education, consulting, human resources, healthcare and defence being responsible for all aspects of management disciplines. Prior to joining Unlimited Defence, Mr Munch Kjøller served in a variety of increasingly responsible positions in various companies and organizations in Europe and Northern America, where he gained experience in education, publishing and defence as well as management and corporate finance.

Mr Munch Kjøller or Lieutenant-Colonel Kjøller is still an active officer in the reserve forces with experience from several multinational headquarters including the high readiness Headquarters’ Multinational Northeast in Stettin Poland and Allied Rapid Reaction Corps in Imjin Barracks in the UK. His current position is Branch chief CIMIC and Civil liaison in the Danish Division.

Mr Munch Kjøller completed the Joint Command and Staff Program with the Canadian Forces College in Toronto, Canada. In addition, he is Directing Staff at the Canadian Army College Command and Staff Course based in Kingston Ontario, Canada. In 2014, he completed a Masters of Defence Studies Degree from the Royal Military College of Canada.

Mr Munch Kjøller holds a Masters degree in Management Accounting and Control Systems from Copenhagen Business School and studies from Danish Technical University.

Mr Munch Kjøller is married and blessed with four daughters. His hobbies include travelling with his family, skiing in the Alps and outdoor running.

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