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Before entering the private sector, Sorin Dobircianu, PhD had a strong and distinguished career on Romanian Intelligence. However, he subsequently left this career on private grounds.

During his tenure on major international energy, defence and security companies & organizations from all over and projects Dr. Sorin Dobircianu successfully worked with different government on specific programs to improve efforts and efficient, leveraging significant experience in the areas of oil, gas, energy, political, operational management, as well as in the substance of consultancy and regulatory issues affecting international trade, energy policy, national defense and intelligence, telecommunications, financial services, and international relations with such companies: VEST ENERGO, LUCAS COMMUNICATIONS, LukOil, Terra Active International, Russian International Affairs Council, OGES India, Universal Premium Luxembourg, Confidence Capital UK, RomArm, Eagle Group Irak, the political leadership of Irak, Generatia Industrial Group Russian Federation, Ruselt-Moscow, Interecoheliogalaxy & Interecoheliogalactica Moscow, CIPROM, Petroluc, Ankom Germany, Petroplus USA, Renocon-Hermeticos Germany, Lotus Petrol, Red Point Petroleum Group, I.P.I.P. Romania, Renocon-Hermeticos Germany, GSG Romania, Petrodesign, EXPERT ENERGY, the Romanian Association for Petroleum and Gas Engineers. He is actively engaged in professional and public work in and on behalf of many international energy & security projects, providing strategic counsel to multinational corporations, chambers, and foreign organizations and state governments on all manner of issues related to markets development and access, political positioning, crisis management/avoidance, and issue management. In addition, he has developed and executed multi-state lobby and promotion campaigns on behalf of numerous multinational companies. To name a few challenging projects, on the bilateral, Canada-the Russian Federation, Romania, the Russian Federation-the USA agenda(s) on behalf of various state entities and institutions, serving as strategic counsel and project coordinator in major projects with both the Petroleum and Gas University Romania, SOCAR Azerbaijan etc of which successfully closed.

As the representative for several companies and entities in the Middle East, the Western Gulf, Qatar the Caspian Sea Region, China, the Russian Federation, the USA and Europe, he has helped establish partnering agreements with multinational corporations, including those specializing in defence, energy, strategy & politics, infrastructure, telecommunications, and television broadcasting/distribution. Furthermore, he is involved in the promotion of certain high-profile projects in the energy sector that will directly impact regional and global energy security working along with: SPIC China, Yuanda China, Jereh China, Alexander Hughes, Doha Special Constructions, Enterprise Georgia, Kaz Munai Gas etc. He was also awarded by the Army Academy Romania, the Naval Academy Romania, Royal Holloway University of London, British Council, The European University-Clermont-Ferrand France, The Federal Agency on Education & Sankt Petersburg University Russian Federation and also obtained the medal of Excellence in performance awarded by the Romanian Association of Petroleum and Gas Engineers, The Petroleum and Gas University, The Black Sea University & Foundation, Petrom & Expert Petroleum.

Currently, Dr.Dobircianu is working extensively with numerous Canadian, American, British, Russian, Chinese, Romanian and international interests in the public and private sectors in support of foreign capital investment within the mentioned regions.

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