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With over 15 years of Business Development experience in various industries, he is a creative and inventive thinker, who craves a challenge and who is not afraid to work outside the comfort zone utilizing all of his transferable skills developed through his wide range of experiences over the years. Whether working independently or in a team environment, his leadership skills were regularly required. He possesses exceptional communication skills and is someone who can build up rapport easily and open up clients. He is pragmatic with a focus on gauging target markets and adapting new technologies/products to seize untapped opportunities.


International Business Development Security and Defense
Responsible for searching out, developing and maintaining commercially productive relationships with both new and existing partners globally.
Promote the company to key multinational defence corporations, secure representation agreements. Top tier successful partnerships.

Grow business with military integrators, Defence Dept. and Government Security Agencies. Coordinated projects with Defence integrators. Prepared and initiated product trials with the Defence Department and Government Security agencies.

Capitalize on integrator knowledge to uncover business opportunities. Developed partnerships and align solutions on a project by project basis providing our systems to integrate with their comprehensive solutions locally and abroad.

Completing all documentation, ensuring all procedures are followed through including licensing, anti-bribery & compliance standards in the security and defence industries.

Toronto, Canada, International Airline, Sr. Security Officer
Passenger and Baggage Screening, Aircraft Security and Escort, In-House Training

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