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Senior Consultant and Advisor – Commercial Contracts and Procurement Management

Anna Carolina has been appointed at large multinational companies in global commercial contracts and procurement management positions leading the regions of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) as well as Asia Pacific (APAC). She is a polyglot with native fluency in English and Portuguese as well as fluent proficiency in Spanish. Throughout her career, Anna Carolina has managed commercial, operational and financial aspects to drive business growth and reduce risk exposure.

Having worked in the private and public industry sectors, Anna Carolina has been a senior consultant for the Australian government in the national defence and state transport departments. Philips has appointed her to lead the Commercial Contracts Management position in Australia and New Zealand within the healthcare industry as a senior consultant. She was also appointed by First Solar to lead global regions as the APAC and EMEA Regional Contracts Fulfilment Manager in the renewable energy sector. Her experience extends into the industries of oil and gas, mining resources, rail and road, facility and asset management, construction as well as urban infrastructure. She worked as a consultant with the Australian Department of Defence (Commonwealth of Australia) and represented some of the largest security and defence contractors worldwide such as Thales and BAE Systems.

Whilst working in the security and defence sector, Anna Carolina has developed Australian industry capability plans addressing the Australian government’s requirements and initiatives for the defence industry. She holds a strong understanding of the Australian defence industry capability plan, specifically the sovereign industrial capability assessment frameworks. A major responsibility of her career has been associated with the provision of key advice and negotiation of contracts in respect to the Australian Standard for Defence Contracting (ASDEFCON) suite for the acquisition and sustainment of strategic materiel.

Anna Carolina’s wealth of commercial contracts management awareness is a result from her experience working on more than 30 EPC and EPCM multi million and billion dollar projects, which govern corporate transactions to enable procurement activities for goods and services.She is commercially astute at identifying risks, its causes, mitigation-actions required, potential cost liabilities and limitations to promptly deliver collaborative business solutions. Her successful identification and subsequent mitigation of high-risk exposures has lead to resultant strategic and holistic negotiations.

As a Volunteer Translator to the United Nations, Anna Carolina has enhanced access to public information to support causes of sustainable urban development, crime prevention, civil rights and social action. She has contributed to causes of international peace and development by translating documentation required by United Nations’ agencies. Volunteer work has always been an important part of her life. She has volunteered her time as a caretaker at a hospital for kids with cancer in Brazil and at a senior citizenship centre in Australia. Anna Carolina upholds strong integrity, moral and ethical values. She is known for being a methodological and detail-oriented professional with solid auditing and negotiation abilities.

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