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Alexander Andrew Cox, Global Security Operations & Management Consultant.

Mr. Cox brings 30+ years of experience managing people complex programs and organizations, tailoring and integrating defense systems and enterprise architecture to fit the situation.

  • Former President & CEO of Global Technology and Security Services, LLC, a one-stop-shop provider in the Asia-Pacific region for security products and services for governmental, commercial, and private security solutions, assessments, ranging from patrol boats and underwater surveillance, security training, bomb dogs and handler training, all levels of surveillance and counter-surveillance, commercial tracking devices (to counter kidnapping and hijacking), select aerial platforms, CCTV solutions and trained security patrols.
  • From a long family line of those serving in the military and police forces, Mr. Cox has served in multiple roles in conventional and non-conventional (special operations) military forces and as a planner globally, from tactical to strategic levels. In this capacity, Mr. Cox has provided security assistance and security cooperation programs to a global clientele with these programs totaling in excess of $1 billion US dollars in the last decade alone.
  • Holds a Master’s degree of Military Arts and Sciences (MMAS) from the School of Advanced Military Studies, a Master’s of Science Degree (MSA) in Business Administration from Central Michigan University, and a Bachelor’s of Arts (BA) degree from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech).
  • Recently Mr. Cox has served clients from Asia to Africa to Central America in marketing, business development, and program / project management. Additionally, in the space of one year has amassed a readership of over 65,000 readers on his reviews and assessments of select travel venues, worldwide.
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