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Defense / Military Contracting

Products include guns, ammunition, missiles, military aircraft, military vehicles, ships, electronic systems, and more.

Intelligence & Security Consulting

Defence Unlimited International monitors more than 700,000 open-source channels to bring our clients near real-time access to actionable OSINT like never before.

Government Relations

Offset agreements are commitments by an exporter to a reciprocal purchase obligation. The reciprocal purchase is generally related to the exported product.

Products & Services

Defence Unlimited International Offers Security & Defense Solutions. Acting as a brokerage firm that deals in military/defense and security industries.

Defence Unlimited International - Solutions Rediscovered

Defence Unlimited International are experts in Government, Defense / Military, and Security Industries, as well as proven executive leaders in contracting, government procurement policies and practices. We are defense / Military & security consultants / brokers.

We provide Strategic program Reviews, Assessment & Advisory Services, as well as Proposal Assistance & Partner Selection.

We operate in different countries with sales representatives all over the world.

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Defence Unlimited | Military Aviation Services

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