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Defense / Military Contracting

Products include guns, ammunition, missiles, military aircraft, military vehicles, ships, electronic systems, and more.

Intelligence & Security Consulting

Defence Unlimited International monitors more than 700,000 open-source channels to bring our clients near real-time access to actionable OSINT like never before.

Government Relations

Offset agreements are commitments by an exporter to a reciprocal purchase obligation. The reciprocal purchase is generally related to the exported product.

Products & Services

Defence Unlimited International Offers Security & Defense Solutions. Founded by Edward Banayoti, acting as a brokerage firm that deals in military/defense and security industries.

Defence Unlimited International - Solutions Rediscovered

Defence Unlimited International are experts in Government, Defense / Military, and Security Industries, as well as proven executive leaders in contracting, government procurement policies and practices. We are defense / Military & security consultants / brokers.

We provide Strategic program Reviews, Assessment & Advisory Services, as well as Proposal Assistance & Partner Selection.

We operate in different countries with sales representatives all over the world.

Message from the Founder

In an era of complicated interests and multiple global crises, the need for an integrated security idea and the concept of delivering integrated solutions that serve the interests of customers is emerging.

Defence Unlimited International offers its integrated services in security, defence and armament, as an effective component for customers to achieve the concept of integrated security concerned with prevention before solving problems.

Defence Unlimited International was incepted with the main target to consolidate the defense and security industry offering professional, efficient and full scope services in the Defense and Security business.

Edward Sawiris Banayoti
Edward Banayoti

Proud member of:

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Defence Unlimited Are A Proud Member Of NATO Cage Support And Procurement Agency
Defence Unlimited Are A Verified By Dun & Bradstreet
Defence Unlimited Are Approved Members Of The Joint Certification Program (JCP)
Defence Unlimited Are Members Of The National Military Intelligence Association
Defence Unlimited International 10 Best Cyber Security 2019
Defence Unlimited International 50 Smartest Companies Of The Year 2019
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