Defence-Security-Government Relations




Stephen J. Cannon – Chief Executive Officer & President

Uttam K. Reddy – Chief Commercial Officer & Executive Vice- President

Jay K. Gorman – Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice-President

Malcolm MacGown – Chief Strategy/Risk Officer & Executive Vice-President

Anthony G. De Sensi – Chief Financial Officer & Senior Vice-President

Jan Bosak – Chief Compliance Officer & Senior Vice-President

Dr. Elizabeth Gaerty – Chief Legal Officer & Senior Vice-President

David Frischman, Vice President-Business Development


Advisory Board

  1. Lieutenant General Ray Palumbo (USA)- Intelligence.
  2. Lieutenant General Roy Beauchamp (USA) – Logistics and Sustainment.
  3. Richard Pere (USA)- Special Operations Aviation.
  4. Colonel John Garrett (USMC)- Special Operations Warfare.
  5. Colonel Richard Walberg (USAF) – Doctrine and Air Mobility.
  6. James Fisher (South African Navy) – Maritime Special Operations.
  7. Commander Paul Dugan (UK Navy) OBE, FRaes – Training.



Cornez Philippe, Country Manager

Dante Di Liberto,Senior Associate


Edward Banayoti – Founder and Executive Chairman