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Russel is a former SAS operative with the Australian Defence Force and served over 20 years within the SAS Regiment. He was seconded to Swan Island’s Special Operations Detachment as the Second-In-Command (4 years), where he provided specialised training to selected personnel, and was the senior desk officer for several Southeast Asian counties. 

He was the Country Security Manager for an international aid agency operating in Indonesia and Timor Leste.

For the past 30 years, Russel has operated in many of the world’s troubled areas and most recently performed the role as an Information Collection Officer in charge of western Afghanistan and later, as a military adviser ISAF/NATO for a US company operating in Afghanistan (4 years).

Russel was the President of the Australia-Thailand Business Council (ATBC) for two years and headed a number of trade missions to Thailand.

He was the Regional Operations Manager for ISOS / IHMS / ASPEN. Providing medical support to the Australian Government both within Australia and the Pacific.

Russel has a post-grade Cert in Business Administration from the University of Wales and is a published author of the MANTRA-6 Series.

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