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Kamal El-Cheikh



Kamal El-Cheikh is a native of Machghara, Lebanon and has lived in Ottawa, Canada since 1987. From 2007 onward, Kamal has been a public servant with Health Canada and later on with Shared Services Canada. His bi-cultural background and focus on community collaboration has led him to a number of volunteer opportunities and community leadership roles. Kamal received his Bachelor of Economics & Minor in Law from Carleton University. Born in Zahle, Lebanon, Kamal migrated from a war torn region with his family close to 30 years ago.  With more than ten-plus years’ experience within a business focused IT/IM role, Kamal has garnered trust within the business community. In addition to a comprehensive knowledge/expertise employing various business process initiatives, his understanding of the complexity of IT Technology allows him to work as a well-rounded and effective Independent Consultant. Over the course of his experience, he has developed project management skills and capabilities to achieve dramatic improvements in measures of performance such as cost, quality, service and overall efficiency. This has lead to the successful administration and redesign of IT business processes to plan, implement and meet/align with strategic directions to effectively transition various software programs.

Kamal’s performance optimization and corporate administration has galvanized his knowledge of various structures, policies and procedures relating to the government framework and is able to interpret and use them to maximize results. As a firm team player and a source of constructive feedback, Kamal makes decisions that possess a good understanding of the priorities of international business and its affiliations as well as the interdependence between them. His minor in law has allowed him to understand the dynamics of various corporate structures and the intricacies of the government framework followed by the enriched awareness of impartiality. In the past, Kamal has been known to provide well thought out solutions and as such, his professionalism will allow him to behave in a manner that shows respect for the protocols that are part of the business environment. As a trainer and mentor, Kamal has been known to make sound use of informal channels to obtain and provide the information and assistance needed to attain objectives. As an informed citizen who has engaged in most areas of the community, Kamal has stayed abreast of current and past issues that are facing the global community and it is with this imperative that he can clearly identify client requirements and its partners’ political issues. Kamal’s years of experience has allowed him to effectively interpret the impact of internal and external trends on Information Services, the House of Commons, and its partners. As an influential leader, Kamal can motivate key individuals and groups to position their services within the organization. Kamal’s adoption of innovative solutions has allowed him to strategically assess the impact of recent developments and trends in his area(s) of specialization. His engagement on various fronts has expanded his perception and thorough knowledge of standards and best practices in the information technology industry. Teamwork has taught him to act as a resource person when employees encounter problems related to their expertise.  As a well versed project feasibility analyst, Kamal has proven that strategic planning in projects will bring investors a high return on their investments.