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Defence Unlimited International 

Senior Advisor, Egypt

Major-General Samir Abdel Rahman Ramadan El-Moaazen (Egyptian Air Force, Retired)

A native of Cairo, Egypt, Major-General Samir Abdel Rahman Ramadan El-Moaazen served with distinction in the Egyptian Air Force as an aerospace engineering officer, where he was employed in a wide variety of unit, formation and national level operational assignments.

His senior military appointments have included:

Chief of the American Logistics Branch in support of United States Army Programs at Egyptian Air Force Headquarters; 

Chief of the Main Supply Depot for Commercial Aircraft; and 

Chief of American Programs Division within the Armament Department of Egyptian Air Force Headquarters;

Deputy Commander for the Planning Section within the Aviation Engineering Department at Egyptian Air Force Headquarters; 

Chief of the Planning and Scheduling Branch for Egyptian Air Force Maintenance and Air Force Work Shops; and 

Chief of the Egyptian Air Force American Programs Branch of (Foreign Military Sales) for the United States (Air Force, Army and Navy).

Following his military retirement, Samir’s civilian appointments have included:

2007-2009:  Operation Division Director, ETE Cairo (aerospace marking consultants);

2009-2013:  Chief Operating Officer (Military Aviation and Aerospace), Malfatech Company, Cairo (global military and commercial aerospace service support);

2013-2015:  Business Development Manager, IPACO, Cairo. (aerospace consultative services to major aircraft and component manufacturers); and

2015-2019:  Aviation and aerospace specialist with CAG Aviation Consulting (CAG aviation industry technical support).

Throughout his distinguished military and civilian careers, Samir has acquired a wide range of aerospace engineering technical, logistics, acquisition, project management and senior oversight qualifications. He has also attained myriad senior leadership certifications and attendant authorities, responsible for major platform and weapon system acquisition, support and life-cycle management; presidential flights; equipping airports for civilian operations; and providing meteorological stations in support of the Egyptian Meteorological Authority.  

Samir is an acknowledged expert in a broad range of aerospace acquisition, maintenance and support processes, including requirement specifications, designing and developing materiel and life-cycle programs, and attendant managerial oversight requirements.  A highly experienced senior leader in technical and operational stewardship, he is particularly adept at complex aerospace systems planning, contracting, material requirement specification and price negotiation.  He is also well-versed in a variety of associated quality control and performance management evaluation procedures and practices.  Fluent in English, he is a recognized subject matter expert and technical instructor in related general and specialized subjects.

Samir is married and lives with his wife in Cairo.  They are the parents of two sons and two daughters.

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