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Senior Associate, Vancouver Office

Mr Di Liberto is a political scientist and international relations consultant specialized in Latin America. Mr Di Liberto on a concurrent basis is an independent marine cargo adjuster and large loss recovery intermediary at the London reinsurance market and throughout Latin America. He is licensed by the Superintendent of Financial Institutions of British Columbia and is also licensed by the Peruvian Superintendent of Banking and Insurance (SBS – Peru) with practice in both countries.

Mr Di Liberto is part of the Global Marine Adjusters (Canada) Ltd. network throughout Latin America. In 1998 Mr Di Liberto published a 1,074-page hard copy handbook on maritime law and insurance practice which was distributed from the United Kingdom by Witherby & Co. Limited in Europe and throughout Latin America. The publication explores maritime legislation with emphasis on security and maritime legislation He is currently working on his book updated 4th Edition to be released in late 2016 in what has become since 1998 a world acclaimed technical reference publication for admiralty law firms, marine recovery intermediaries, governments, port operators, vessel owners, international insurance brokers, marine engineers, cargo insurers, cargo surveyors, import/export corporations, global traders and other sectors involved with global trading and security worldwide.

Mr Di Liberto is also a member of The Society of Translators Interpreters of British Columbia as a Spanish language specialist. Since 2000 Mr Di Liberto has established a network of marine recovery and security consultancy throughout The Americas with emphasis on Port and Vessel security in connection to the ocean transportation and inland haulage of large infrastructure cargo project equipment and machinery aimed for the mining, petrochemical and natural gas industries throughout Latin America. Investment projects in the Region representing Millions of direct investment reinsured at the London market at Lloyds of London.

In 2005 Mr Di Liberto was awarded the ‘Peruvian Marine Adjuster Specialist of the Year by The Peruvian Association of Insurers, for his academic accomplishments and professional intermediation of maritime general average dispute resolution cases involving the private sector and regional governments vs. ocean carriers.

Mr Di Liberto frequently participates as a speaker at numerous maritime and admiralty law conferences and seminars in Mexico, Panama, Peru, Ecuador and other countries in the region. Mr. Di Liberto holds a B.A with a major in Political Science and Latin America Studies from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia.

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