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“Bita has worked in Australian banking and finance industry for over 18 years. She has contributed to multiple risk and credit complex projects as the bank’s risk systems manager. She has extensive knowledge and  experience in data analysis and complex validation via coding, risk and credit model development & deployment across multiple data systems. Capital and provisioning monitoring of the entire organisation using multiple data systems. She has managed government regulatory, compliance and monitoring reporting. Her duties as the bank’s business relationship manager included handling large business portfolios, corporate structure and financial analysis and commercial finance. Also negotiating complex transactions with multiple stakeholders and customers.Bita has successfully  completed three volunteer missions in Afghanistan for street working children of Kabul working with an Afghan NGO.At the end of her third mission, she accepted a business development manager role for a private multi-national company in Afghanistan and Dubai where she developed the company’s marketing, sales, products, relationship management and networking. Her sales, service and products strategies allowed the company offer wider range of products and services, hence securing more contracts. The injection of new cash flow to the company enabling funding for investment and development in other sectors including residential and commercial real estate. 
Her relationship management and networking strategies has enabled the company securing more government tenders and contracts. She has experience in securing contracts for numerous services including construction, logistic, fuel, life support services for embassies, army camps and UNICEF offices.Bita has experience in logistics and project management in war zones, correct and complete security measures, as well as monitoring local government regulations.
Bita has also worked as the government official interpreter for languages: Farsi (Persian), Dari and English.”

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