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Andrew has worked in the security industry for 32 years. He spent 17 years in the British Military and Police service, serving in specialist units, including undercover and covert units. He then transitioned into the private security and intelligence industry where he has held positions such as Security Manager, Regional Security Manager, Director of Security and Intelligence, to name a few.

He has conducted security assessments, training and security/intelligence operations worldwide. A specialist in security consultancy, risk management and personal protection, surveillance and close target reconnaissance. He has conducted undercover surveillance work against human traffickers in Thailand, Philippines, China and Myanmar. He has also conducted covert operations against crime syndicates and terrorist organisations throughout SE and Central Asia. 

He is a Tier 1 Police Trainer, training Police Officers in UAE, Afghanistan, Philippines and Thailand. His skills were utilised by the US Military in Afghanistan to conduct CERP reconnaissance for US Special Forces in the central highlands. 

Andrew is a vastly experienced expert in delivering intelligence led training modules to Military and Law Enforcement Agencies, NGO’s and Multi-National Companies. 

As Operations Director for Defence Unlimited, Andrew is responsible for the oversight of all operations worldwide. This entails maintaining a constant hands on approach, people management, client development, budget control and on site assessments. As Business Development Advisor, he is able to utilise his exceptional people skills and extensive contact base to further develop Defence Unlimited.

A 4th degree Martial Arts Instructor, Andrew likes to keep fit and up to date with all close contact training.

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