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Originary from Mauritius Islands, Ali Nahaboo has developed strong connections on the African continent, connections that are based on mutual respect, transparency and ethics. He understands the African and the European mentalities as well, being a bridge between the two types of cultures. Mixing the Western education with the African culture, Ali Nahaboo is one important facilitator in various international projects.
Between 2015 and 2017, he was involved in developing the local infrastructure in Cameroon, by providing the design for 2 hospitals and 2 fire stations that the Cameroonian government intended to build.
From 2017 until now, by building a large network of collaborators, he was involved in several international projects, projects that are mainly based on energy commodities (coal, petroleum and petroleum derivatives) and rare natural resources, such as diamonds.
In such way, Ali Nahaboo has gained a deep business expertise in a short time period, becoming an advisor for Defence Unlimited International.

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